“I love diamonds and emeralds, which I continually study and with which I am constantly experimenting new ideas and shapes, beyond time and fashion”

Claudio Salvati


Experienced Since 1945

Dedication and creativity is what we aim for

This is a simple story about beauty. A fable both real and coloured with the kind of magic that only tradition is able to create. A story about love for beauty passed on through many generations.
This is Cacciari and Salvati’s extraordinary family history

Time Pieces

A great collector, lover of vintage jewellery and watches. A creator, in constant search of beauty, new styles and avant-garde design, embellished by wonderful stones. Claudio Salvati has continued this passion since 1972, when he turned around the historical family jeweller’s shop, founded in the 1930’s in Bologna by his great-grandfather, by introducing a collection of vintage jewellery and watches, as well as numerous pieces handcrafted by him

Beauty seen through the reflection of a dream to be lived. Flashes of eternity able to dilate an instant, touching the boundaries of space and time, no more yesterday, no more tomorrow, today, now, forever.

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His operative centre is still Bologna. However, Salvati’s luxury can also be found in Cortina D’Ampezzo, Porto Rotondo and Milan, where a selected clientele allows the label to constantly seek perfection. Future projects also feature the opening of jewellery shops in Rome and New York. “I keep getting great motivation from this job”, claims Claudio Salvati, owner of the jewellery shop together with his son Simone and his daughter Carolina. “I absolutely love my creations and the vintage jewellery collections, so much so that selling one of my pieces often feels like separating from a woman I love, because I always leave a part of me in them.”


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